Sony Playstation 4 specifications and details roundup

Last night was a huge night for Sony, with the reveal of the anticipated PS4 console and the unveiling of the Dualshock 4 controller along with many more games set to release on the console, the event was one to go down in gaming history, and now that everything has been revealed, we will be rounding up the best moments and highlights of the event, starting with the PS4 specifications and details.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be powered by a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU and “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. As detailed at the event, it will come paired with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, giving the PC gaming market and run for its money. As expected, the system will ship with a Blu-ray drive, built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as HDMI, Analog-AV, and optical digital output. Sony is giving I/O options a boost with the inclusion of USB 3.0 ports and a mysteriously vague “AUX” port. Each system will ship a “Mono Headset” for cross-game chat and other social features.

Gaining this information it would seem as if Sony has taken a huge technological leap with the PS4, and it looks like the console will be on close competition with the PC gaming market, packing an eight core processor and 8GB GDDR5 RAM the consoles specifications will come close to that of high range PC’s.


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