Images and pricing of Nvidia’s Titan leaked

Images of the rumoured GTX Titan have emerged today as well as pricing from multiple retailers located in Europe, several different release dates have also surfaced.


The Titan claims to have 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM with a single GK110-based Kepler GPU with a 384 bit PCIe 3.0 memory bus. Video output options consist of two DVI one HDMI and a single DisplayPort connection. Stock core clock on the card will 915 MHz with it boosting up to 1019.5 MHz with the memory clocked

The Asus version of the video card is set to come to a price of £770, and according to Danish retailer Proshop is to release on the 24th of February, although this date collides with the one on TechPowerUp. It is expected that only 10,000 cards are to be manufactured so if you have a vision to purchase one it would be best to get them before stock runs out.



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