Death Star and X-Wing Squadron Kickstarter Fund

Kickstarter, the website which allows people to pledge money to upcoming projects has been brought to a galaxy, far, far away, and the Empire has started up a Fund which will allow them to build the glorious Death Star, and the rebels have counter attacked, starting a fund to help them create a squadron of X-Wing fighters to take down the Death Star.

This insane Kickstarter fund has bounced up after the report that the US government refused to build a Death Star, claiming it would nearly trillions of dollars.

Of course people have seen that this is just joke, or maybe not, as the Death Star fund has already received $364,000 in pledged money, and the X-Wing squadron has received $80,000.

The goal of the Death Star is $20,000,000, and the X-Wing target is $11,000,000, so what if they reach this insane amount of money, where will the cash go, unless they actually go to space and build the Death Star, the person who started the fund will be $20,000,000 richer.


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