Zombie Studios developing new game, Daylight

Blacklight: Retribution creator Zombie Studios has announced that they are to release a new game later this year, the game was revealed at DICE on Thursday night, the game is a psychological thriller which will put the player in the shoes of a woman who wakes in a haunted mental asylum, and who fails to recount who she is and why she is there, and with only the dim light of a mobile phone you must navigate your way through the asylum, uncovering mystery’s and secrets throughout your journey.

Daylight was confirmed to be exclusive to the PC and will stay in the price range of $15-20, the playthrough of the game will  only be around 30 minutes, but Zombie has said that there are many secrets hidden throughout the course of the game, and it will encourage players to play through the game multiple times to uncover all the secrets of the game.

The game sounds great, and it seems as if it will contain a lot of replay value, and with the power of Unreal Engine 3 the game will most likely contain immense graphics, surpassing the already graphically powerful Blacklight: Retribution.


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