Medal of Honor Taking a Much Needed Break

Back in the day Medal of Honor was the blockbuster title that Call of Duty is today, sales were booming and the game was played by many pleased, content gamers, so what has placed this once great title into the despair it faces today?

As most of you know the latest installment of the series, Medal of Honor Warfighter, has not been doing to great, low sales which have been the cause of a stack of unwanted copies on store shelves, and a not so great response from critics which is the root of the all time low sales, this has given publisher company EA, with no other option to put the series on hiatus.

In my judgement Warfighter was not as bad as reviews claimed it was, EA are also trying to grasp the reason in which customers are not satisfactory with the game. The reason I think sales are so low is for the simple reason that gamers have lately become shrouded in games like Call of Duty, which in my opinion, provides an unreal experience compared to games like Warfighter, who strive to provide a true, authentic military experience, and do a very good job at it, that is not to say games similar to Call of Duty are not enjoyable, but they do not give the same authentic feel like games such as Battlefield or Medal of Honor.

Never the less I feel as if gamers are not ready to abandon Call of Duty just yet, and the franchise is as successful as ever, leaving games like Medal of Honor in the shadows, to dust away in bargain bins. Although the series is taking a break that is not to say it will not make a return, and hopefully the next time we will see an improved response from critics, and also spot a fresh, revitalised Medal of Honor game in stores.


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