Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Beta Review

Explosions, weapons, and aircraft, that’s Just Cause 2, Explosions, weapons, aircraft with roughly two thousand other people, that’s Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, and yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

At first I had anticipated a let down, as of course Just Cause 2 Multiplayer sounds too good to be true, but within my first few minutes of playing the mod they had proved me wrong outright, I had taken my first steps into the huge world of Just Cause 2 to find myself surrounded by people parachuting off cliffs and and piloting helicopters, it was complete and utter chaos, just as the game should be, I found it hard to imagine that I was sharing the glorious experience of destruction and chaos with over a thousand other enthusiastic players.

The first thing I did in the beta was find a helicopter, which as I had imagined, was quite the hefty task, I searched far and wide for this tool of demolition and in the end, when all else failed, I hijacked one from an unexpecting, poor soul who didn’t seem the happiest of people and proceeded to attempt to shoot me down, of course his devious plan failed and he received a face full of bullets.

Once I had a firm grasp on the chopper I proceeded to wreck havoc in Panau City, leaving bodies sprawled across streets as far as the eye could see, I now knew that from here on out that I ruled the land, sea and skies, and that if anyone dared oppose me, they would be victim to a painful and gruesome death, but I was eventually set straight not long into playing the game when two choppers teamed up, having enough of tyranny, and blew me out of the sky, leaving the remains of my mangled, cold, dead body, to lie on the pavement of the street.

After playing the beta for a good few hours I decided to call it a day, I had an immense amount of fun playing the game and it rekindled my love in good old Just Cause 2, with so many features in the multiplayer such as having the option to change your skin, and being able to participate in races, there was so many things to do, and I guarantee that when the the full mod is released, there will be no shortage of things to do.

Overall the experience was mighty good fun, and clearly a lot of work was put into creating it, although the game wasn’t without bugs or lag, with some bugs needing to be fixed quicker than others, although other than that it truly is great, and also, there is still fourteen hours left to the testing, so if what you read tickles you fancy, then go download it, right now.

Overall Score: 9/10


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